Level Rodeo
A step-by-step approach to fixing level problems early in the mixing process

(with compression)
last update: Nov 13, 2016

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Every time I sit down for a mix after raw tracking, when it comes to setting raw levels and cranking a compressor, I am lost.
I appears I am notorious for forgetting everything I have read or seen, so I have started to make written notes.

Grey areas from one publication I tried to fill with information from other sources. The best from east and west so to speak.

I find this eminently useful, and somebody may find this useful too, so here it is. Have fun.
This paper will be  revisited, so make sure you always download the latest version.

Inevitably, there will be errors, so please write (contact given in Impressum). Recommendations and tips are welcome.

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Update History
  • Nov 13, 2016  first release (V. 1.0)
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