The Shallows Of 4P3T
A List Of On-On-On Switches And Their Quirks
last update: Mar. 29, 2020

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Switch List

Switch List

Earlier or later you will need an on-on-on switch. Since not all of them are available everywhere, since they are termed differently by the manufacturers, since some of them are assembled wrong, since there is much confusion about this, I have compiled a (likely not complete) list. I did not add any links, since they retire faster than you can think.

Note: This is ongoing work. The list will be expanded if more specimen appear.

Order #
Function Data Sheet Switching Scheme
Pin Matrix
key side
1M46 4PDT
7411 4PDT A 4.8x4.7mm 6/9
Tyco/Alco/Te Connectivity MTA406PA DP3T makes no sense; due to the name and physical similarity specs presumed equal to Knitter Switch. Obsoleted.
4.8x4.3mm not specified
E-switch 100-4P6 4PDT A
4.8x4.7mm 6/9
Apem 5000 series
4 pole
4.8x4.7mm unclear
Knitter Switch MTA406PA 4 pole
B, but  A seen too.
4.8x4.3mm 6/9

It is interesting that the data sheets are lousy as far as switching functions go. The Knitter switch appeared in two versions (verified!). Tyco looks and sounds suspiciously like a licensed KS product, although their data sheet makes no sense. It is not possible to make connections to the neighboring row of contacts.

I have contacted the local Knitter Switch distributor over the two different models, and they granted that manufacturing errors may have happened. There certainly was not a change in the models. Even more reason, to check before you use it.

Note that there are different pin spacing matrices, they are not 1:1 interchangeable. Funny that Knitter Switch deviates from the layout, that most others seem to adhere to, as far as the data sheet is clear about that.

There seems to be no universally agreed upon naming convention for the function of this type of switch. It makes no sense to name it a double pole switch as some do. (This discussion has been lead somewhere else earlier[1]). Since it has four individually switchable signals, I would intuitively call it a four pole switch with three positions, thus a 4P3T switch, although this does not give you a clue on the switching functionality (such as on-on-on or on-off-on etc.) But neither the term DPDT does.

4p3t switching functions
4p3t switch details:
(click on the picture to load larger image)

The term "key side" designates the notch on the mounting bushing and points towards the 6/9 lugs. However, the switch can be rotated 180 degrees without difference.

Note there are two layouts available, Type A and B.
Check what you have, what you need.

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[1] G&L L2K Wiring Mods Rev 4.1, 27-Dec-2117, by, p.2

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